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“Based on NGD’s mature brand image, abundant resources,
large-scale system, advanced management level and passionate
corporate culture, all the staff members...”

Mr. Assem Holds a BA in French Languages and Translation from Al-Azhar University in 2003.

After graduating, he decided to enter the field of business and investment. He obtained inevitable studies MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and diploma from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, and then began working in the field of tourism and maritime transport.

Mr. Assem Fadel, Chairman of NEW GENERATION, first established the company Emirate Misr for Import and Export and Commercial Agencies in Egypt and followed it with several branches in Saudi Arabia and the UAE and achieved successes in the field of import and export.

He then established the company THREE CUTS, which is considered the third largest company in Egypt in importing CNC machines and is characterized as the highest quality in the field of machines and the best-selling in the markets as it deals with major Egyptian government institutions

After that he got into the largest field in the business market outside the Egyptian borders, so he established several factories in China to manufacture machines and managed them in a professional manner that kept pace with modern management methods and advanced industry of the highest quality.

He also founded the company RAY CUT for laser tubes in China as well, which was controlled at this time by only three countries in the world: China, Germany and the United States of America.

Moreover he established the company HANMA Laser to manufacture laser machines based on the latest methods of laser cutting technology in the world, and with the passage of time and years of experience in the field of manufacturing laser cutting equipment and employing professional designers with the capabilities necessary to establish complete manufacturing lines, this led to complete dependence on the company from Faculties of engineering affiliated with Egyptian universities to establish their own technical laboratories, in addition to the American University laboratories and the technical laboratories at the Egyptian Opera House.

To complement it Mr. Assem established the company BIG DIPPER Photonic in China to produce the router machine responsible for drilling on wood, making decorations, digital graphics and engineering designs for the facades of buildings and villas, and also for producing the plasma machine responsible for the metal structures of bridges and metal buildings, which made it the main supplier for major companies.

This rapid progression in Mr. Assem Fadel's practical life allowed him to establish many factories and companies working in various commercial fields until he reached the scope of repair and renovation in buildings, whether the existing or the being built ones, so he studied the field of real estate development well and then participated in many real estate development projects financially, and then decided to establish NEW GENERATION whose name is inspired by one of his ambitions, which is the beginning of a new generation of real estate development in Egypt.