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Assem Fadel

- After graduating, he decided to enter the field of business and investment. He obtained inevitable studies MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and diploma from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, and then began working in the field of tourism and maritime transport.

- Mr. Assem Fadel, Chairman of NEW GENERATION, first established the company Emirate Misr for Import and Export and Commercial Agencies in Egypt and followed it with several branches in Saudi Arabia and the UAE and achieved successes in the field of import and export.
- He then established the company THREE CUTS, which is considered the third largest company in Egypt in importing CNC machines and is characterized as the highest quality in the field of machines and the best-selling in the markets as it deals with major Egyptian government institutions
- After that he got into the largest field in the business market outside the Egyptian borders, so he established several factories in China to manufacture machines and managed them in a professional manner that kept pace with modern management methods and advanced industry of the highest quality.
- He also founded the company RAY CUT for laser tubes in China as well, which was controlled at this time by only three countries in the world: China, Germany and the United States of America.

General Manager

Ihab Labib

- 1987 Graduated from Architectural Engineering Cairo University.
- 1982 Graduated from Orman School I got the highest grads at primary stage, got honoured as first in Egypt, As well in Preparatory Stage all over Giza Government.



- A member in the American Chamber of commerce in Egypt from 2016 till 2018
- 2015 – 2016, I was a lecturer in Money Talks Summit.
- 2011 - 2018, General Director for Abraj Masr Company Development
- 1998 – 2005, I worked at Engineering Consultation Office and made a lot of Businessesin Egypt, Dubai, Gaza and Amman. 
- 1992 – 1995, I worked in Medina, Saudi Arabia As Director of Capital Centre for Engineering consultation.
- 1990 – 1992, I was an Engineer at Housing & Development Bank
- 2020 till now, General Director for New Generation Development.
- 1987 – 1990, I Worked as an Engineer at Research Centre in Dokki and built Villas on desert road and some constructing work as well worked at (Saleh Hamdy - Engineering Consultation Office and worked on Sheraton Luxor hotel design.
Chief Marketing Officer

Walid ElBahey

A focused Marketing degree and an architecture degree, specialising in Digital
Marketing and E-commerce . Possesses relevant professional experience gained
during working for multinational businesses, acquiring valuable insight into
developing and implementing marketing campaigns and E-commerce module studies
. Able to balance multiple competing priorities, having worked full-time for fourteen
years whilst still achieving strict deadlines for submission of assignments. Aiming to
secure a place on a professional scheme, which will provide commercial exposure and
opportunities for progression.

- CEO - Maxim for trading and agencies 2020.present
- CCO - MWG - CAIRO — 2018.2020
- Leasing & Marketing Director - HNS GROUP — 2017.2018
- Sales & Marketing Director- Al Hambra — 2013.2014
- Founder / Business Development Director- BUY&EARN — 2012.20 1 3
- Brand Manager - FIG — 2007.2009
- Assistant Brand manager- SAS EGYPT - 2006.2007

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