Botanica Hub is situated in a spectacular location at the heart of R7 side by side to the diplomatic district & on the outskirts of Botanica compound on its west corner side. Designed to complement distinct culture,timeless architectural and precision, allowing everyone to ultimately experience the finest.

Botanica’s modular grid of exposed steel creates balconies, terraces and external staircases, offers a mixed-use development in R7, with a staggered Storey heights that blend in the mass with the surroundings, Botanica’s ambivalent architecture adds a vivid identity to the public space The commercial spaces, with total of 7,587 SQ metres, which extends outwards to create ground floor terrace areas and upwards to create stair cores. Botanica offers amenities that ranges from a mezzanine Retail shops, Offices and Clinics and multiple story/double height entrance 

Conveniently located on the outskirts of the compound, and can be reached through bypass compound road.
Is a 3 floor building with a 7,587 SQ meter space providing a wide range of life style services and amenities to Botanica residents and visitors. With a strip boardwalk
and a patterned theme, the amenities tend to cover all the basic and luxury necessities for all the New Capital residents.
Given its prime location among-st the R7 District. serves as the perfect destination for residents and visitors of the Expo city.

As well as guests and residents from Botanica, the Hub wel

comes all visitors to R7:
• Restaurants & Cafes
• Supermarket
• Shops
• Kids Area
• Mosque
• Business hub
• Public seating areas
• Parking
• Clinics
• Creative distric